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Engage with industry, grow your experience and catapult your career

The ANU TechLauncher program is an initiative that enables university students, from any discipline, develop the research and professional skills required to use technology to bring great ideas to life, and have a positive impact on our society. We have partnered with Ribit to bring the TechLauncher cohort and employers a hassle free and fast solution to accelerate professional development with paid work. Team members can further build their personal brand by developing ideas and expertise while working in innovative organisations.

Ribit is a free to use marketplace that matches passionate innovators studying at university with businesses that are hungry for fresh thinking and new ways of solving problems. If your skills and studies range across STEM to marketing, business and design, if you are enthusiastic and keen to get paid work part-time, full-time, as an intern or on a project basis, join this community today. Ribit’s machine learning algorithm matches employees with employers as jobs are posted - AI loves a complete profile!